Blue Dolphin Captain Bob Raduns

Captain Bob Raduns

Blue Dolphin Captain Brian Fain

Captain Brian Fain

Blue Dolphin Fishing Charter St. Augustine

Captain Scott Herrington

Blue Dolphin Fishing Charter St. Augustine

Blain Peerson

Captain Bob is a Master Mariner with decades of experience on the open ocean transporting cargo, captaining commercial fishing vessels, charter fishing, and owning a bait and tackle store. We like to say Captain Bob has forgotten more about fishing than any of us will ever learn!

Captain Brian is the youngest and brightest star in our group. He recently got his merchant mariner credentials for which he worked very hard. He is a mate on the Victory III tour boat in St Augustine, and a most enthusiastic fisherman! We are all very proud of Brian, as he has hurdled every road block life has put in front of him to become a good and successful young man with a very promising future!

Captain Scott is the most recent transplant to St. Augustine. He spent 25 years as a charter captain in New York, fishing for Stripped Bass on the Hudson River and Long Island Sound. He has run boats in the BVI's, Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Champlain. He is a retired police officer and a former marine patrol officer.

Blain Peerson, and more importantly his late father Bob Peerson, is the inspiration for our mission to create a not for profit foundation to get folks who are terminally ill out on the water to fish or enjoy time with family. Blain is also an expert Red Fish and Sea Trout angler, having grown up on the coast of Georgia and Florida. He is a former champion triathelete and iron man competitor, and now gives of his time regularly in Haiti as a volunteer for missionary services there teaching Haitian's to be self sufficient farmers.